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To select your target markets, contact our company; For more than two decades now, we have been successfully paving the way for the foreign market activities of Hungarian companies in the following countries.


Hungarian assets have dominated bilateral trade for years. In the process of joining the EU, the long-standing uncertainty seems to be disappearing, and the way to strengthen economic relations is to invest in infrastructure in Albania.

International Economic Fair, Tirana
December 2023


Austro-Hungarian economic relations started to develop dynamically after the change of regime in 1989/90 and are largely based on a very intensive investment activity and lively foreign trade. Following the recession caused by the economic crisis, two-way trade returned to positive territory in 2010, with a volume of approx. It amounted to 7.4 billion euros. According to statistics, Austria has become the third most important market for Hungarian products.

Baumesse International Construction Exhibition , Oberwart

January 26-29, 2023  


Inform International Exhibition , Oberwart

August 2023

Belgium International Information Technology Exhibition, Brussels

20-22. June 2023

Bosnia and Herzegovina

As one of the poorest countries in the Balkans, Bosnia and Herzegovina, embroiled in war and the global economic crisis, has embarked on a path of economic development amidst domestic political problems. In our bilateral economic relations, trade in goods is dominant, which developed dynamically in the years before the crisis, apart from the stagnation in 2006. The most important items of our exports are processed products (chemical goods, paper, clothing, cork and wood products), food products (cereals and cereal products, animal products, animal feed) and energy carriers (petroleum and petroleum products).


GRAMES & DEMI International Construction and Investment Fair, Banja Luka

Mostarski Sajam International Economic Fair, Mostar

2-6. May 2023


ZEPS Intermetal International Metal Fair, Zenica

1-5. October 2023


Thanks to favorable external effects, dynamic GDP, growth in domestic production and demand, the Bulgarian economy remains stable. Due to the stable EUR / BGN exchange rate, the global crisis did not shake the Bulgarian economy much. The Bulgarian economy is growing at a slow pace year by year. Bulgaria is among Hungary's 30 most important trading partners. Currently, there are almost 250 Hungarian and Hungarian-owned companies (more than 10% Hungarian capital) present in Bulgaria.


Foodtech International Food Fair,


21-25 February 2023


Vinaria International Exhibition of Viticultural Growers, Plovdiv

21-25 February 2023


Agra International Agricultural Exhibition, Plovdiv

21-25 February 2023

Bulgaria Building Week

March 29 - April 1 2023


Bulgaria World of Furniture

March 29 - April 1 2023


31 May - 2 June 2023

ENECO International Exhibition of Energy and Ecology, Plovdiv

September 2023


Auto City International Motorcycle Show, Plovdiv

September 2023


Infotech International Exhibition of Information Technology, Plovdiv

September 2023


Machine Building International Machinery Exhibition, Plovdiv

September 2023


Stroytech International Construction Exhibition, Plovdiv

September 2023

Medicus Dento Galenia International Exhibition of Dentistry, Medicine and Pharmaceuticals, Plovdiv

19-22 October 2023


Hungary and Azerbaijan have established diplomatic relations for twenty years, and this is the most promising period for strengthening cooperation between the two countries.

The supply structure of the Hungarian economy and the demand structure of the Azerbaijani market overlap, and Azerbaijan can effectively contribute to the creation of European energy security. Trade between the two countries is growing dynamically, although the full potential of economic relations is not yet being exploited. In December 2012, the first Hungarian trading house opened in Baku.

BIHE International Exhibition of Health and Medicine, Baku

Stomatology Azerbaijan International Dental Exhibition, Baku

InterFood Azerbaijan International Exhibition of Food Industry, Food Technology and Packaging Technology, Baku

17-19 May 2023

Aquatherm Baku International Building Engineering Exhibition, Baku

19-21 October 2023

BakuBuild International Construction Exhibition,

19-21 October 2023

Beauty Azerbaijan International Beauty Exhibition, Baku

2-4 November 2023

Securex Caspian International Security Exhibition, Baku




Brazil has been our second most important trading partner in South America after Mexico for many years. Economic relations began to pick up in 2010. As a result, in 2011 exports to Brazil increased by 55 percent and imports by 29 percent in one year. The structure of our product turnover is traditionally favorable: both our exports and imports are dominated by machines and means of transport, followed by processed products. In the future, Hungary intends to pay more attention to Latin America and, more generally, to the emerging regions of the world.


FEICON BATIMAT International Construction Exhibition , Sao Paulo

11-14 April 2023


Equipotel International Exhibition of Food and Catering , Sao Paulo

September 2023

Czech Republic

Salima International Food Fair International Food Fair, Brno

7-9 February 2023

TECHAGRO International Fair of Agricultural Machinery, Brno

3-7 April 2023

MSV Brno International Engineering Fair, Brno

10-13 October 2023


Republic of South Africa

The development of diplomatic, economic and cultural relations between Hungary and South Africa needs a new impetus, as the initial momentum of a decade and a half ago has stalled somewhat. South Africa is the leading economy on the African continent, with a strong voice in regional and global economic policy initiatives. By developing relations, Hungary can complement and emphasize its presence in Africa. It was opened in 2011  the  The Hungarian-South African Chamber of Commerce, operating in South Africa, aims to bring Hungarian-South African relations to an active, high level.


Hostex International Food and Catering Exhibition, Johannesburg

6-8 March 2023

United Arab Emirates

Cabsat Digital Media Exhibition, Dubai

10-12 May 2023

Gitex Global Technology Exhibition, Dubai

October 10-14, 2022


Technical Exhibition International Technical Exhibition, Minsk

Belarusian Construction Week International Construction Exhibition, Minsk

19-21 April 2023

Belagro International Agricultural Exhibition, Minsk

6-10 June 2023

Food Industry International Food Exhibition, Minsk

6-10 June 2023


Budpragres International Construction Exhibition, Minsk

26-29 September 2023


PCD Beauty Packaging Technology Forum and Exhibition, Paris

January 25-26 2023

Miptv International Television Market, Cannes

April 17-19 2023

WNE International Nuclear Exhibition , Paris

November 30 - December 2 2023

United Kingdom

The UK is the world’s fourth largest economy, the second largest exporter and importer of capital, and one of its major financial centers. The British economy has been growing uninterruptedly since 1992, surpassing the eurozone’s economic performance every year. Unemployment and inflation are low. The sustainability of growth depends on maintaining the level of household consumption high. Hungary is considered to be a relatively small but regionally developed and adaptable market. Our economic judgment is generally favorable. Trade in goods has doubled in the last few years. Due to technological developments, the structure of our exports has shifted mainly to higher value-added products and higher value-added industries (automotive, electronics, IT and logistics centers).

Futurebuild Construction Exhibition in the Spirit of Sustainable Development, Innovation and Business Growth, London

7-9 March 2023

Data Center World Conference & Expo - Data Center Management Exhibition and Conference, London

8-9 March 2023

IFE International Trade Fair for Food and Packaging Technology, London

20-22 March 2023

UK Construction Week, London

2-4 May 2023​

Infosecurity Europe London Exhibition of Information Security Technology, London

20-22 June 2023

Specialty & Fine Food Fair, London

11-12 September 2023

UK Construction Week, Birmingham

3-5 October 2023


It is best known to us for its tourism, and it is thanks to tourism developments that it is the bottomless bag of almost every product and service.

Viroexpo International Agricultural Exhibition , Virovitica

17-19 February 2023

GAST International Food Exhibition, Split

8-11 March 2023

Bjelovar Spring Fair - Proljetni Medjunarodni Bjelovarski Sajam, Bjelovar


Bjelovar Autumn Fair - Jesenski Međunarodni Bjelovarski Sajam, Bjelovar​

11-13 September 2023


SASO International Trade Fair, Split

​October 2023

Hunting, Fishing, Nature, Tourism Regional Fishing-Hunting-Tourism Exhibition, Varazdin

Hunting and Fishing Days International Fisherman's Exhibition, Zagreb

Osijek Autumn Fair, Osijek


Japan IT Week Spring Tokyo Web Marketing and Mobile Marketing Exhibition, Tokyo

5-7 April 2023


Cloud Japan Cloud Computing Exhibition, Tokyo

5-7 April 2023


Data Center Expo Tokyo - Data Center Exhibition, Tokyo

5-7 April 2023


DSE - Data Storage Expo Tokyo - Data Storage Exhibition, Tokyo

5-7 April 2023

Expo Comm Wireless Japan Tokyo - International Exhibition of Informatics and Communications, Tokyo

24-26 May 2023


KIHE International Medical Exhibition , Almaty

17-19 May 2023

KazBuild International Construction Exhibition , Almaty

6-8 September 2023

Mining and Metals Central Asia - International Exhibition of Metals and Metallurgy , Almaty

20-22 September 2023


MiningWorld Central Asia - International Mining Exhibition, Almaty

20-22 September 2023

HOREX International Catering Exhibition, Almaty

1-3 November 2023


KazUpack International Exhibition of Packaging Technology , Almaty

1-3 November 2023


WorldFood Kazakhstan International Food and Agriculture Exhibition, Almaty

1-3 November 2023


The state, which has been independent since February 2008, offers excellent investment opportunities in the construction, agriculture, energy and mining sectors.

ExpoKos International Exhibition of Investment and Industry, Pristina

18-29 May 2023

AgroKos International Exhibition of Investment and Industry, Pristina

19-20 October 2023


As the most backward member of the former Yugoslavia, it is typically an agricultural country, and the economy needs investment in all other areas - there are many opportunities to get involved.

Mebel International Furniture Fair, Skopje


ITF - Agrofood International Exhibition of Agricultural Goods and Consumer Goods, Skopje

TEHNOMA International Fair for Investment Goods, Skopje


Build and Construct International Construction Exhibition, Skopje


The fast-growing little tiger of the Adriatic, the youngest country in Europe, benefits mainly from tourism and the sale of mining resources, and is an excellent market for almost all products and services in terms of finance, tourism and related infrastructure investments.

Security, Protection and Rescue Fair - International Security Fair, Budva


International Tourism Fair - Metubes - International Tourism Fair, Budva

March 2023


Food Fair - International Food Fair, Budva

April 2023


Ecology Fair - International Ecological Fair, Budva


Energy Fair - International Energy Exhibition, Budva


Civil Engineering - International Construction and Energy Fair, Budva

5-7 October 2023


Water Supply Systems Fair - International Water Exhibition, Budva


IT Showcase Pakistan Karachi - Trade fair for information technology products and services, Karachi

7 March 2023


The accession to the EU, the complete liberalization of freight transport, the easing of the administration, the restructuring of the Romanian industry, and the expansion of the store chains provide many opportunities for our companies and entrepreneurs.

Odorheiu Secuiesc International Exhibition and Fair,  

Odorheiu Secuiesc

Romhotel International Exhibition of Hotel and Catering Equipment, Bucharest

February 2023

GastroPan International Exhibition of Food and Catering, Brasov

17-19 March 2023

Construct Expo International Construction Exhibition, Bucharest

23-26 March 2023

Romtherm International Exhibition of Heating, Refrigeration and Ventilation, Bucharest

23-26 March 2023

Expo Flowers and Garden International Exhibition, Bucharest

23-26 March 2023

Mobila Expo International Furniture Exhibition, Bucharest

23-26 March 2023

Pack Show International Packaging Exhibition , Bucharest

9-12 May 2023

TIB & Metal Show International Technical Technology Exhibition, Bucharest

9-12 May 2023

TIBCO International Fair for Consumer, Bucharest

8-11 June 2023

Antique Market I., Bucharest

8-11 June 2023

Agromalim, Arad

9-12 September 2023

BIFE - SIM International Furniture Exhibition, Bucharest

21-24 September 2023

Antique Market II., Bucharest

21-24 September 2023

Cosmetics Beauty Hair International Beauty Exhibition, Bucharest

21-24 September 2023

Denta International Dental Exhibition, Bucharest

12-14 October 2023

Rommedica International Medical Exhibition,


12-14 October 2023

INDAGRA International Trade Fair for Agriculture and Food, Bucharest

25-29 October 2023

TTR Romanian Tourist Fair, Bucharest

9-12 November 2023

Christmas Gifts Fair, Bucharest

8-10 December 2023

Antique Market III., Bucharest

8-10 December 2023

Romenvirotec International Exhibition of Heating, Refrigeration and Ventilation, Bucharest

ExpoEnergiE International Exhibition of Energy and Electrical Engineering, Bucharest


Fishing & Hunting Expo International Fishing Exhibition, Bucharest

ModExpo International Fashion Exhibition, Bucharest


Ambient Expo International Interior Design Exhibition , Bucharest


SAB Salonul Auto Bucharest - International Automotive Exhibition, Bucharest


Romanian Security Fair - International Security Exhibition, Bucharest


GoTech World International IT Exhibition, Bucharest


Alimentaria International Food Exhibition ,


12-15 March 2023


Foodtech International Exhibition of Food Technology , Barcelona

26-29 September 2023


Thanks to the free trade agreement with the former Yugoslav states, Hungary is a natural trading partner.

CE&HA Household Goods Technical Fair, Belgrade


Expo-Zim International Winter Sports and Equipment Fair, Belgrade


MotoPassion International Motor Show, Belgrade

22-29 March 2023


Nautika International Maritime Exhibition, Belgrade

6-10 April 2023

Technology International Technical Investment Exhibition,


May 2023

Grafima International Graphic and Printing Exhibition,


September 2023

Biro Expo International IT and Office Technology Exhibition,


September 2023

Topexpo - Bačka Topola

September 2023

Lorist Fair of Hunting, Fishing, Tourism and Sport, Novi Sad

September 2023

EcoFair International Environmental Trade Fair, Belgrade

October 2023

Energy and Investment Days - International Energy, Environment and Investment Days, Novi Sad

November 2023

Medident International Exhibition of Dentistry, Medicine and Pharmaceuticals, Belgrade

Furniture Fair International Furniture Trade Fair, Belgrade

Sajam Tourism International Tourism Exhibition, Belgrade​

Belgrade Future Gaming - South East European Gambling Exhibition, Belgrade

Educational Equipment Fair - International Fair of Modern Educational Equipment , Belgrade​

Subotica International and Regional Economic Fair,




IWCE - International Wireless Expo, Las Vegas

27-30 March 2023

Summer Fancy Food Show, New York

25-27 June 2023

Interop - IT Exhibition and Conference , Las Vegas

ADF & PCD Beauty Packaging Technology Forum and Exhibition, New York



MiningMetals International Machinery Exhibition, Tashkent

MiningWorld International Mining Exhibition, Tashkent

Aquatherm Tashkent - International Exhibition of Heating, Cooling and Ventilation, Tashkent

4-6 October 2023

UzBuild International Construction Exhibition, Tashkent

28 February - 3 March 2023

WorldFood International Food, Packaging and HORECA Trade Fair, Tashkent

28-30 March 2023


CIPFE International Import Food Expo, Guangzhou

30 August - 1 September 2023

International ICT Expo, Hong Kong

Hospitality dating in Qatar, Doha


CIPPE International Oil and Gas Technology Exhibition, Beijing


Luxury China International Trade Fair for Luxury Goods, Beijing


CIPFE International Import Food Expo, Beijing


Transport logistic China Shanghai-International Logistics and Transport Exhibition, Shanghai


IEME International Manufacturing and Engineering Expo, Tianjin


Polagra - Premiery International Agricultural Exhibition, Poznan

13-15 January 2023

WinDoor - Tech International Exhibition of Doors and Windows, Poznan

31 January - 3 February 2023

Budma International Construction Exhibition, Poznan

31 January - 3 February 2023

Meble Polska International Furniture Exhibition, Poznan

21-24 February 2023

Home Decor International Interior Design and Design Exhibition, Poznan

21-24 February 2023

Warsaw Build International Construction Exhibition, Warsaw

22-25 March 2023

Motor Show International Motor Show, Poznan

30 March - 2 April 2023

WorldFood Warsaw International Food Exhibition, Warsaw

18-20 April 2023

ITM Polska International Technical, Mechanical and Technological Exhibition, Poznan

30 May - 5 June 2023

SoFab International Furniture Exhibition, Poznan

12-15 September 2023

Drema & Furnica International Wood and Furniture Exhibition, Poznan

12-15 September 2023

CEDE Central European Dental Exhibition, Poznan

21-23 September 2023

Polagra - Food International Exhibition of Food, Wine and Spirits, Shop Furnishings and Franchising, Poznan

27-29 September 2023

Polagra - Tech International Food Technology Exhibition, Poznan

27-29 September 2023

Polagra Gastro International Gastronomic Exhibition, Poznan

27-29 September 2023​

Pol - Eco System - International Exhibition of Urban Management and Environmental Technology, Poznan

17-19 October 2023

Enoexpo International Wine Trade Fair, Krakow

8-11 November 2023

Agrotech International Agricultural Exhibition, Kielce

DOM International Construction Exhibition, Kielce

Expopower International Energy Exhibition, Poznan


MSV International Exhibition of Metals and Technology, Kielce

Poznan Sports Expo International Sports and Leisure Exhibition, Poznan

PGA Poznan Game Arena - International Video Game Exhibition,  Poznan


Hannover Messe, Hannover

17-21 April 2023


ANGA COM Cologne, Cologne

23-25 May 2023


IT kessel.17 Ludwigsburg - IT Trends and Innovations, Ludwigsburg


Aquatherm Moscow International Exhibition of Heating, Refrigeration and Ventilation, Moscow

14-17 February 2023

Batimat Russia International Construction Exhibition, Moscow

March 2023


SecurExpo International Security Technology Exhibition,


1-4 March 2023

YugBuild International Construction Exhibition, Krasnodar

1-4 March 2023

CSTB Telecom & Media, Moscow

14-15 March 2023

MosBuild International Construction Exhibition, Moscow

28-31 March 2023


Interfood International Food Exhibition,


April 2023

IPLS International Private Label Show - International Exhibition of Branded Products, Moscow

4-5 April 2023

ExpoElectronica International Electronics Exhibition,


11-13 April 2023

Design & Decor International Exhibition of Interior Design, St. Petersburg

11-13 April 2023

InterStroyExpo International Construction Exhibition,

St. Petersburg

11-13 April 2023

Securika International Security Exhibition,  


11-14 April 2023


Interfood St Petersburg International Food Exhibition, St. Petersburg

18-20 April 2023

RosUpack International Packaging Technology Exhibition,


6-9 June 2023

IPSA International Exhibition of Promotional Products, Moscow

5-6 September 2023

WorldFood Moscow - International Food Exhibition, Moscow

19-22 September 2023

Weldex / Rossvarka International Metal Exhibition,


10-13 October 2023


FastTec International Fastening Technology Exhibition, Moscow

24-26 October 2023

PCVExpo, Moscow

24-26 October 2023

Yugagro International Agricultural Exhibition,


21-24 November 2023​


AgroSib International Agricultural Trade Fair,



SibBuild International Construction Exhibition, Novosibirsk


SibPack International Packaging Technology Exhibition,



Aquatherm St Petersburg International Exhibition of Heating, Refrigeration and Ventilation, St. Petersburg

Infosecurity International Information Technology Exhibition, Moscow


InterFood Siberia International Food Exhibition,


Saudi Arabia

Decofair International Interior and Furniture Exhibition, Jeddah

FoodEx Saudi International Food Exhibition, Jeddah


Spis Expo - International Exhibition of Architecture and Furnishings, Igloo

CONECO International Construction Exhibition, Bratislava

22-25 March 2023

Fishing, Hunting, Beekeeping - International Fishing, Hunting, Beekeeping Exhibition, Nitra

17-20 August 2023

Agrocomplex International Agricultural Exhibition,


17-20 August 2023

Autosalon - Autoshow International Motor Show, Nitra

28 September - 1 October 2023

Agrosalón International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition,


Tatra Mountains Expo International Architecture and Interior Design Exhibition, Poprad

Hunting / Leisure Hunting and Leisure Exhibition,


Hunting Regional Hunting Exhibition, Trenčín


MEDICAL International Medical Exhibition, Gornja Radgona

13-15 April 2023

Agra International Agricultural and Food Fair, Gornja Radgona

26-31 August 2023

MOS International Fair, Celje

13-17 September 2023

SOBRA International Fair of Defense, Security, Protection and Rescue, Gornja Radgona

21-24 September 2023

LOV - RIBOLOV International Hunting and Fishing Fair, Gornja Radgona


Hungary is an important foreign economic partner of Ukraine. In terms of the volume of bilateral trade in goods, Ukraine is our 14th foreign economic partner and the second largest European partner outside the EU. The share of machines, equipment and processed products in our exports is decisive.

Interior Mebel - International Exhibition of Interior Design, Furniture and Lighting, Kiev

February 2023

InterBuildExpo International Construction Exhibition, Kiev

15-17 March 2023

WorldFood Tech & WorldFood Pack - International Food Processing and Packaging Exhibition, Kiev​

Intertool International Exhibition of Work Tools and Utilities, Kiev

2-4 May 2023

Intertool International Exhibition of Tools, Fasteners and Garden Equipment

May 2023

InterAGRO International Agricultural Exhibition, Kiev

October 2024

Plastex Ukraine International Exhibition of Plastics and Rubber, Kiev

WorldFood Ukraine International Food Exhibition,



PUBLIC HEALTH International Medical Exhibition, Kiev

Turul Expo Regional Exhibition, Tiszapéterfalva

International Contact Days, Uzhgorod

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