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Thank you for the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the HEPA Hungarian Export Development Agency Nonprofit cPlc.


Tender ID: EXP2020-NEP-000034

Title of the tender: Introduction of SEMS - Safety Event Management System in foreign markets

Duration of the project: 01/09/2020 to 30/11/22

Amount of support: HUF 47,028,000


Content of the application:


The Safety Event Management System (SEMS) facilitates the organization of conferences and exhibitions - thus making each step safe without contact. The system is unique in the market in terms of methodology and applied tools. The complexity of our service and the application of its successive steps are novel and are currently unknown on the market. This is a gap-filling activity that is applied as our own know-how. The system also monitors the organizational processes, implementation and follow-up of an economic event. During implementation, it provides complete contactlessness in large and multi-component programs (admission, professional programs, B2B negotiations, meals, additional identification points). The software is innovative because similar software solutions currently on the market are only suitable for performing subtasks.

Potential buyers are smaller organizer companies in the surrounding countries and possibly larger exhibition centers. Our target area, based on our previously well-established business relationships, contains Ukraine, Romania and Serbia.

According to our plans, we can gain a large amount of interest and potential buyers at the foreign exhibitions to be held during projects and at planned self-presentations.

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